Benefits of Smarter Seafood Certification

Restaurants and fish markets with Smarter Seafood certification:

  • Stand out by offering new, delicious and rarely prepared marine species in Quebec;
  • Receive the first list of species valued by Smarter Seafood;
  • Receive exclusively the list of suppliers of species valued by the Smarter Seafood in order to facilitate the supply of more marginal species;
  • Benefit from visibility on Exploramer’s website by being indicated on the ” Smarter Seafood Certified Establishments” map;
  • Take advantage of public promotion (send the list of certified establishments to Smarter Seafood members, highlight certified establishments on social media and during interviews conducted, etc.);
  • Are invited annually to a culinary training focused on the Smarter Seafood species given by a renowned chef;
  • Have the opportunity to participate and represent themselves (kiosk) at events or promotional activities organized by Smarter Seafood;
  • Receive exclusive Smarter Seafood recipes;
  • Obtain Smarter Seafood promotional tools (pins, posters, electrostatics, fish poles, etc.);
  • Enjoy a media campaign during Smarter Seafood events (e.g. tasting, thematic meals, etc.);
  • Benefit from technical assistance and advice regarding Smarter Seafood species;
  • Benefit from support and assistance with certification;
  • Have a subscription to the Smarter Seafood Newsletter.

Interested in Smarter Seafood certification? Here’s what you need to know…

Certified restaurants and fish markets must offer a minimum of two valued species. For 2018, the cost of certification is $120 per company. This allows you to use the Smarter Seafood trademark for one year. This price includes promotional tools directly related to certification. A $120 invoice will be sent with the memorandum of understanding and certification will begin when Exploramer receives payment, ideally early in the season.

Certification in three steps:

1) Contact us to obtain the specifications which will allow you to know all the details related to the certification.

2) Request and sign the memorandum of understanding.

3) Make the payment.