Educational Program


In the COVID-19 pandemic context, Exploramer is committed to respecting the measures issued by the Minitry od Education of the Government of Quebec and the Public Health.

Our preventive measures :

  • Wear of the mask by the animators;
  • Respect of the 2 meters distanciation with the children and the staff;
  • Disinfection of the used surfaces after the animations.

Whales at school

The largest and most enigmatic marine mammals on the planet meet in your classroom. Make some room!

Whales at school is a fun and informative activity presented in your classroom by Exploramer biologists. The children discover that each year, more than 15 species of whales and seals roam the waters of the St. Lawrence. However, there are several dangers awaiting them. It is therefore important to know them in order to protect them.

Duration: 60 to 75 min – 30 students max.
Rate: $135

Solaster, the underwater simulator

Aboard Solaster, children access the abyss of the St. Lawrence, its best kept secrets and the strange creatures found there.

Apprentices submarineers get in the simulator for a virtual dive into the biodiversity of the St. Lawrence. Throughout the journey, they will discover many species, known or strange, but always fascinating.

Duration: 45 min/presentation – 35 students/presentation max.
Rate: $395/day
Visite scolaire Petits curieux sur le littoral

School visit for the curious

Exploramer is a blue playground! Take advantage of the end of the school year to take your class to the museum, to the aquarium and on the boat to meet the marine animals of the St. Lawrence.

A day by the sea awaits your students with ten possible activities, all designed to meet the educational objectives of the three primary cycles. A way to end the year in beauty, to the great pleasure of your curious little ones!

Duration: One day – 150 students max.
Rate: starting at $7.25/student

Mobile Touch Pool

Ladies and Gentlemen, please wash your hands to welcome the very popular, the very surprising and the very very cold “Mobile Touch Pool”!

With an Exploramer biologist, students touch living marine species (such as sea urchins, starfish, crabs) and learn details about their anatomy, diet, reproduction and more.

Duration: 60 to 75 min – 25 students max.
Rate: $135


What if you had the chance to look inside a fish or a shark?

Exploramer biologists come to your school with the selected specimen (shark, fish,…) and, in front of the students, dissect and describe the animal and its organs.

Duration: 60 to 75 min – 30 students max.
Rate : Variable rate according to the selected species

Sharks: not guilty!

Take out the popcorn to watch Jaws’ trial.

Watch the mythical movie, listen to the scientific arguments of our biologists, learn to discern the truth from the false on the relationship between man and shark and judge the innocence of the presumed guilty.

Duration: 90 to 120 min – 200 students max.
Rate: $235

Biologist for a day – Visit to Exploramer

Discover the backstage of Exploramer; at sea, on the beach and around the aquariums.

The students share the daily life of a biologist, feed the fish and learn to differentiate them. They also have the chance to manipulate living species and observe them in their habitat. An immersion in the life of a biologist is what awaits the students during their visit to Exploramer.

Duration: One day – 30 students max.
Rate: starting at $10.25/student

Coastline under the lens*

Scientific project in progress, put on your boots and join us on the beach!

In the field trip, Exploramer takes you with both feet in salt water near your school, for a characterization of the mid-littoral. Students are encouraged to make an inventory of coastal microalgae and invertebrates, like true marine biologists. Contest component : Participants will also be able to transorm into content creators and use social media to share their scientific discoveries.

Duration: Half a day – 30 students max.
Rate: 195$

Explo-Mer Hydro-Québec contest

Because science can be fascinating when you soak your hands in cold water.

Explo-Mer Hydro-Québec is a scientific project taking place in schools in Gaspésie and Bas-Saint-Laurent, including three classeroom visits. In the species biology component, students must research a marine apecies and its habitat. Each school determines which team will represent it in the final at Exploramer.

Duration: 3 sessions of 60 to 150 minutes – 30 students max.
Rate: Offered by Hydro-Québec

Summary of educational activities

Activities Capacity Duration Rates*
Solaster, underwater simulator 30 students 45 minutes/presentation $395 /day
Whales at school 30 students 60 à 75 minutes $135 $
Investigation 30 students 60 to 75 minutes $135
Visite scolaire pour petits curieux 150 students One Day Starting at $7,25/student
Mobile Touch Pool 30 students 60 to 75 minutes $135
Scalpel! 30 students 60 to 75 minutes Variable rate according to the selected species
Sharks: not guilty! 200 students 90 to 120 minutes $235
Biologist for one day  30 students  One day  Starting at $10,25/student
*Taxes not included.
Coastline under the lens 30 students Half a day $195
Explo-Mer Hydro-Québec contest 30 students 3 sessions of 60 to 150 minutes Offered by Hyrdo-Québec

Exploramer is listed in the Répertoire de ressources culture-éducation, and its activities are eligible for the Culture à l’école program.

Travel Expenses:

The following travel expenses are added according to the distance between Exploramer and the school:

  • $0.50 per kilometre;
  • $125 per night at the hotel, when required.

For information and reservations:

By email: or by phone: 418 763-2500