Fish harvesting activity

Put on a pair of waders and follow the guide along the shoreline with your feet in the water. Take advantage of the low tide to discover what’s hiding beneath the surface, the plants and animals that live there. Walk to the fyke nets and help release the species caught in the net.

Take part in a unique experience that will allow you to discover the Gaspé coast and handle the different species caught by the net, such as plaice and sculpins.

Duration : 2 h

Schedule : Fish harvesting activities are presented at low tide times

2021 Schedule

*This activity can be cancelled without notice due to weather conditions.

The minimum height to participate is 1.3 m (4′ 3″).

Watch activity’s overview :

The fyke nets are large nets used to catch marine animals and keep them alive in the water. The wings direct the animals towards the entrance and a series of two cones prevent them from coming out. An opening allows to empty the net of its catches daily.

Image credit: FILMAR inc.

Guided walk on the beach

When the tide does not allow us to reach the fyke net, Exploramer offers a guided walk on the beach. Discover the coastline, the plants and the birds that live there. With your feet in the water, learn to identify and taste the seaweeds of the St. Lawrence. Marvel at the captive invertebrates in the tidal-pools.

Duration: 1 h 30

Schedule: Guided walks on the beach are presented at low tide times


Night walk on the beach

On June 26th, July 10th and 25th, and August 9th and 23rd, 2021, from 9 pm to 10:30 pm, the guided walk on the beach becomes nocturnal. Come and discover what we cannot see in daylight… Small plaice, scuds per thousand, rock shrimp, hyperactive crabs and perhaps even bioluminescence!
Equipment required: headlamp.

Reservation required.

Duration: 1 h 30