Frequently Asked Questions

Exploramer is open every day from 9am to 5pm.
The visit of Exploramer can take between 3 and 5 hours. You should therefore allow half a day to fully enjoy your visit.
For visits to the aquarium and museum, it is not necessary to reserve. However, it is preferable to reserve your place for the sea excursion and fish harvesting activity, as the number of participants is limited.
It’s always a little colder on the sea. It is recommended that you wear warm clothing, including a windbreaker, which you can remove if the sun shows up. Sunscreem is always a must on the water. Wear closed shoes.

Consult the weather forecast

You have to eat BEFORE you set foot on the boat. Full bellies are less likely to suffer from seasickness.

With a guide, the touch pool activity gives you the possibility to reach about twelve different species.
Anyone over 130 cm tall who has the physical ability to walk on shore and in the water.

Exploramer offers adapted infrastructures and guarantees a welcome and services that especially meet the needs of people with limited physical ability and seniors.

The Quay’s Bar will be close this summer, but will be back next year. Although, there will be coffee and pastry in the souvenir boutique.

Picnic tables with sea view are available on the outdoor site.
No, overnight parking is prohibited. Several campsites are available in the area to meet your needs.
Parking is free for all our visitors.
Photos may be taken anywhere on the Exploramer site. The only restriction is not to use flash when animals are in the picture, in order not to inconvenience them.

It is possible to rent the Charles-Eugène-Marin hall, to know more about it, consult the Special events and hall rental section.