Cancellation and Refund Policy

Cancellation and refund

No refunds or exchanges will be granted unless the activity is cancelled by Exploramer. In this case, the buyer must go to the ticket office or contact us at (418) 763-2500.

Exploramer reserves itself the right to cancel outdoor activities (sea excursion, fish harvesting activity, etc.) without notice due to weather conditions or if the number of passengers is insufficient (at least 4 persons required).
In this case, you can choose to postpone your activity later depending on the remaining availability or to have the entire price of the activity refunded. Payment remains applicable for all others activities.
If you bought a Combo, the payment for the visit of the museum and the aquarium remains applicable at the « À la carte »rate (different from package price). If you bought a Trio, your booking will be modified for the corresponding Combo package and the price difference will be refunded.
The refund will be made on a debit or credit card as soon as possible. If you wish to postpone your activity to a later date, a credit to your customer account may be granted instead of a refund.

For the day camp, we do not refund the activity if a child is sick.

If you need to cancel your visit due to the COVID-19 pandemic, contact Exploramer at (418) 763-2500 to find out if your situation is eligible for a refund.
If you are not able to present a valid vaccination passport for an activity between September 1st and October 10th, 2021 and you made your reservation before, we will refund your entire order.

Travel agencies

If you made your booking through a travel agency, we do not make the refund. It will be done directly by your travel agency. We will provide you with written proof that your activity has been cancelled.

Modification of a reservation

If you wish to change the date or time of your activity, this may be possible depending on the remaining availability for the desired date and time. You could do it by contacting Exploramer directly at (418) 763-2500 as soon as possible.