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A garden under the sea

The permanent exhibition A Garden Under the Sea showcases a living collection of fish and organisms inhabiting the Gulf of St. Lawrence. You will discover the beauties of this underwater Eden by crossing the basins and aquaria which contain nearly 60 different species.

Sharks: 100 million deaths

In this interactive exhibit, experience a heart-pounding encounter with the most feared killer of the sea: the shark. Hollywood movies and the media have transformed sharks into icons of our collective imagination, inspiring both awe and fear each time we venture into the sea. But is this fear based on facts?

Take a new, clear-eyed look at the sharks of the St. Lawrence with Sharks: 100 million deaths and discover amazing facts about these little-known and vulnerable creatures.

Mysteries beneath the waves

Although omnipresent in the Quebec landscape, the St. Lawrence still holds thousands of secrets. Through the work of scientists, demystify its oceanographic properties, debunk the mysteries of marine biotechnology, understand fishing and mariculture and grasp the magnitude of the ecological stakes it faces every day. As you browse Mysteries beneath the waves, the St. Lawrence, this little-known neighbour, opens a door to an unsuspected, mythical and unusual universe.

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Seabirds are the masters of Gaspesian cliffs along the magnificent St. Lawrence. The Birds and the Sea virtual observation station highlights the diversity of species, the marine habitat and the behavior of these seabirds. Using augmented reality, take a glimpse at four emblematic species living in the Gaspé Peninsula.

Smarter Seafood Exhibit

Smarter Seafood is an eco-guide for consumers, advising on the choice of local fish and seafood, and certification for restaurants and fish markets. This exhibition allows you to learn about sustainable fisheries, the species valued by Smarter Seafood and give you ideas for cooking them.

Travelling Exhibitions

Exploramer is proud to present its exhibition for rent.

Mysteries beneath the waves

Offer your visitors an incursion into the heart of the St. Lawrence. This bilingual exhibition presents current scientific work around four major themes: physical oceanography, fishing and mariculture, marine biotechnologies and ecological stakes. Laboratory areas allow visitors to put themselves in the researchers’ shoes and practice science.

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