Smarter Seafood promotes little-known species of the St. Lawrence from a sustainable consumption perspective. Each year, with the recommendations of marine researchers and biologists, Exploramer establishes a list of marine species that meet four criteria:

  • The species is edible;
  • In sufficient quantity in the St. Lawrence;
  • The fishing technique is respectful of the seabed;
  • The species needs a little help to become better known.

With the Smarter Seafood certification, Quebec restaurants and fish markets agree to promote little-known but delicious and nutritious marine species.

Look for and taste marine products with the Smarter Seafood symbol on restaurant menus and fish markets. Beautiful gourmet discoveries to come!

2019 Marine species valued by Smarter Seafood

1. Monkfish

2. Waved Whelk

3. Shortfin Squid

4. Sculpin sp.

5. Arctic Wedge Clam

6. Common Razor Clam

7. Toad Crab

8. Rock Crab

9. Atlantic Halibut

10. Alewife

11. Marlin Spike Grenadier

12. Sea Raven

13. Ocean Pout

14. Atlantic Surf Clam

15. Stimpson Surf Clam

16. Silver Hake

17. Soft Shelled Clam

18. Green Sea Urchin

19. Harp Seal

20. Grey Seal

21. Tomcod

22. Redfish

23. Cunner


1. Sea Colander

2. Winged Kelp (Wakame)

3. Red algae

4. Hollow Green Weed (Sea Grass, Aonori)

5. Fucus (Rock Weed or Wrack)

6. Egg wrack

7. Sea lace (Sea spaghetti)

8. Sea lettuce

9. Oarweed

10. Sugar Kelp

11. Dulse (Sea bacon)

12. Irish Moss

13. Nori (Laver Seaweed)

14. Kelp (Saccorhiza dermatodea)

15. Black Whip Weed

Species from aquaculture

1. Oyster

2. Sugar Kelp

3. Blue mussel

4. Atlantic Deep Sea Scallop